Thursday, 4 December 2014

Ubuntu desktops - favourite site for ubuntu..

When ever I think about to install any plateform in my system I search for  because I povide me every inch of information require for installing new linux plateform. I recomend every net user and linux user to visit this site. I you are amature user of ubuntu or en expert this web site will note take you down.  
I always use to increase my knowledge of linux and its powerful features. Ubuntu desktop site is my current bookmarked site.  You can use as dily digest to share knowledge of linux , ubuntu. You can find here many professional s and experts sharing their success stories and aharing knowledge of ubuntu.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Secret perfume ad. - Aapko hamari kasam lot aaeye.. ,Song download

Secret perfumes latest tv ad based n old song aapko hamari kasam laut aaeye is very nice. the lines of secret perfume's ad aapko hamari kasam laut aaeye are recomposed and are very good. Download the ringtone of Secret perfumes latest tv advertisment aapko hamari kasam laut aaeye..

aapko hamari kasam , secret perfume, bekrar karke yu na jae a..adv

 Lyrics of secret perfume's ad aapko hamari kasam are as bellow..

Bekarar karke hame yu na jae a..
aapko hamari kasam laut aaeye..

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