Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beware of Girl's fake account in facebook.

       I know when you are online 24*7 hours on facebook and you get a request from a girl ,the quantum of happiness for a moment can't be described.But but..i can bet you on it that 90% of girls request are from an unknown girls why? Probably they aren't girls or a girl with another name who is spying on you.
 Here are the few reasons why you got the request from unknown girl?
  •  Most of time unknown girl is your friend (boys) or group of friends sometimes and want to trap you.As you accept request and start chatting with him/them they will start asking personal questions that they never gonna know directly. if its a group of friends then they couldn't hide their identity longer. though beware of this kind of trap cause they can ruined your image among friend circle or college especially when they got something from you.
  • Another kind of trap can be arranged by your girl friend and this is more dangerous then previous one.and howmuch its dangerous for you is depend on your girlfriend. In this case sometimes happen that you only accepted request nothin else though you may have loose your GF or have to answer it.
  •  Third is not for boys but its for girls.And this is most dangerous for girl's privacy.Generally girls dont accept unknown boy's friend request but dont take that much care if its girls account.some girls are very conscious about their privacy and they dont share their photoes in public but keep limited to their friends only.So some boys make girls account keep their school or college name same as the another girl of which he want to trap.girls simply accept the request because the person is girl and from same college or this way boys get the personal photoes of girls and it becomes more dangerous when they sold it or share it on websites as you can see the photoes when you just type "indian girls".So be careful to this case and its the dangerous fact of this matter.
  • Another thing which rarely happens is fake girl ask you to meet and then rob you.but it can also be happen.
How to sort out this fake accounts??
  • The first thing is that , if an unknown girl has sent you a request its defiantly fake because i know you are not that much lucky that a girl sent you a request.
  • this account dont share anything accept her name and a profile picture.most of time profile picture is the famous heroine.
  • if girl's account has real girl's pic ( not a celebrity) there will be only one image of it.not more then one.
  • there isn't any regular updates from her.accept notification of added friends in bunch.
  • generally this kind of accounts are look like this..
What to do?
  • Simply don't accept it.
  • or try to find out who is he(!!) ? and if he is your friend try reverse psychology and make him fool by making another fake account (:P). do it on your own risk.because making fake accounts are illegal.