Friday, 13 July 2012

How to copy “protected” photos? - solution.

There are few websites that don't allow you to copy photos by clicking on "Save image as.." because they are protected. It is to prevent their photos against theft and illegal copy so that you have to purchase it.

Here are few ways to save and download the images, even if right click is disabled.

Use Opera: Opera does not honour the oncontextmenu directive, so your right clicks will give you the menu with the “Save image as…” option.

Use Firebug: This is like viewing the source, but it is not easier to find the URL of the particular image you’re interested in.

View source: “Use the source” Find the image you want, it has to have a URL, paste it in the address bar, File => Save.

Save entire page: In the File menu of many browsers, there is a “Save page as…” option, and you can select to save the entire page, not just the HTML. This will download all the media files used on that page, including the “protected” files.

Drag and drop: Open an image editing program, and just drag the “uncopiable” into the canvas. Optionally remove the watermark.

wget: wget -r

Take a screenshot: press on PrintScreen, paste the image in any image editing program, get the image.

So these are the ways to copy and download protected photos.