Monday, 19 November 2012

McDonalds new Advertisement - lucky Ram,Lucky Shyam (download ringtone ,Lyrics, Mp3 & Video)

Download the ringtone of lucky ram lucky shyam advertise by McDonalds.

McDonalds came with funny advertisement lucky ram lucky shyam. In this McDonalds adv. Postmen are stamping the peoples mail all with innitiatives lucky.McDonalds this campaign is on free food on every order and win Nokia phones and Chevrolet Car on every Week. This mcDonalds advertisement is very funny. Just check out the Video of McDonalds lucky ram lucky shyam.

Here is the lyrics of  McDonalds lucky ram lucky shyam Advertisement.

Lucky Shah lucky Singh..
Lucky Bhae lucky Gor..
Lucky Rao lucky khan..
Lucky jadav lucky  lucky yadav..
Lucky ram lucky Shyam..

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