Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sudoku Solver.

Solve the sudoku puzzle online. Here in this page you can solve Sudoku puzzle very easily. In left side table you have to add numbers that you know in sudoku and then press "Solve" Button to solve the sudoku. Within fraction of second it  will give the solution of toughest sudoku puzzle. So enjoy and get amazed through sudoku solver.

Sudoku Solver

How Sudoku Solver Works?
This programme use brute force method to solve sudoku.Algorith is based on Knuth's Dancing link technique.The name Dancing Links comes from the way the algorithm works, as iterations of the algorithm cause the links to "dance" with partner links so as to resemble an "exquisitely choreographed dance." Knuth credits Hiroshi Hitotsumatsu and Kōhei Noshita with having invented the idea but it is his paper which has popularized it. Sudoku can also be solved by other methods but this method is very fast and most effective.So have fun and solve sudoku.

Sudoku Solver

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