Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vishwaroopam (Nautanki saala... )

        Banning, Court Cases,Protest, conciliation, and then Release. Kamal hasan had to worked harder and stressed  after the release of his film Vishwaroopam then during the making of his big budget film. This is not first time that all this happened to him. Whole India viewed this Nautanki including Politicians, heroes and yes people. Now while making any movie along with director,editor,lyricist,and singer he should also appoint a person who can manage this court cases, can answer and solve this controversies and can also can estimate the loss( or may be profit) they have to face due to this controversies.But at the end of all this stuff it happened that happens to all stories "All is Well". Vishwaroopam finally released and get the more then expected collection,protesting people returned home with the feeling of "yes, we did something". kamal would be happy now because now he doesn't have to leave this nation now, he can live in his home that he had mortgage for Vishwaroopam. Vishwaroopam has already collected more then 5 crores on first day only in Tamilnadu. vishwaroopam released in more then 600 theatres only in tamil nadu, and its hindi version also collected more then 15 crores on first week end.Vishwaroopam has gained 9.5/10 ratings on IMDB which is quit surprising because movies like 'Life of Pie and Talash in Tamil language got 8.2 and 7.3 rating on IMDB. Very soon it will cross the figure of 95 crores that has been spent on making Vishwaroopam. Overseas vishwaroopam has collected more then 8 crores.Estimated DTH collection of Vishwaroopam is more then 150 crores.So finally its happy ending for both people and kamal. Kamal should thanks to protester for free luck for your next movie..