Sunday, 24 November 2013

Google Search engine : Reunion advertisement Lyrics,song Download.

Google Search engine's new latest advertisement is one those advertisement that touches our heart. This Google search reunion advertisement is about two old aged friends who were separated due to partition of India and pakistan. One friend Yusuf living in Lahor,Pakistan and another friend is living in Delhi,India. Baldev Mishra who lives in Delhi is missing his friend Yusuf very much and one day he talks about this to his daughter. The his daughter finds Yusuf through google search. Son of yusuf also help him to meet his friend through Google search. This way reunion of two friend happens through google search engine. Google Search "reunion" advertisement's music is  composed by Clinton cerejo, Lyrics is written by Neelesh jain and singer is Piyush Mishra. The advertising agency is Ogilvy & Mather India. Reunion Advertisement is directed by Amit Sharma.

Check out by Video of Google Search engine's advertisement "Reunion" 

Here are the Lyrics of Reunion advertisement of Google Search :

bachpane ki tang gali phir se koode phaande
chhoti chhoti meethi chori gaanth leke baandhe
ik patang sa udta tha parindon ki tarah
ek daur tha.. man man mor tha..

kaagazon ki kashtiyon mein dooba rehta tha
jhaankti khidkiyon mein uljha rehta tha
wo bhi kya daur tha man pe na jor tha
ek daur tha, man man mor tha..

Jhajhariya is a dessert of Indian origin made of corn, milk, ghee and sugar garnished with raisins and nuts.
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